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Leporinus – Black-Banded Leporinus fasciatus



Black-Banded Leporinus

Leporinus fasciatus

More commonly known as the banded leporinus, or black-banded leporinus. This is a species of characin in the family Anostomidae that is native to the Amazon Basin in South America. Leporinus fasciatus has been reported to reach 12 inches in length, although most individuals reach maturity at 5.9 inches. Females are always larger than males.

The algae eating Black Banded Leporinus is very unique fish. There are many color variations including yellow with black strips, orange tails and fins, beige body and transparent fins. This fish feeds on a variety of algae as well as other smaller fish, worms and crustaceans. The Black Banded Leporinus can be kept ideally in a South American style habitat with other fishes. This is a generally an aggressive fish when kept without other leporinus, so it is best when raising this species to have a group of them housed together for calmer results, and a happier tank. Will do good with South American Cichlids such as Jack Dempsey, Firemouth Meeki, Acara, Convicts and more.

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