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Freshwater Shrimp – Black Carbon King Kong Shrimp



Black King Kong Shrimp
Caridina Cantonensis sp. King Kong
aka: King Kong Shrimp, Black King Kong Shrimp, BKK, Panda Shrimp
Temp: 65°F – 72°F
GH: 25ppm – 75ppm
Total Alkalinity: 40ppm – 120ppm
Potential Hydrogen (pH): 6.5 – 7.0
Size Index: 3cm – 5cm
Origin: China

Catonensis sp. King Kong is an aquarium bred Black Bee Shrimp color morph. These are generally herbivorous in nature. In the aquaria however, it prefers a well-planted tank insalling plants such as Riccia will provide them with biofilm for them to eat, but they will eventually also need to be provided with regular food such as algae wafers, shrimp pellets, or vegetables like zucchini, peas and spinach!

Catonensis sp. King Kong is a small peaceful shrimp. They can be kept in a community tank and of course shouldn’t be kept with aggressive fish.

Crystal Black Shrimp and its color morph Crystal Red Shrimp have different grades. In order from lowest to highest, the grades are: C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS. The higher the grade the more white it has, and the more expensive it it will be. Other variants of Caridina Catonensis sp. Bee are generally graded by how vibrant or intense colors are for that shrimp, Wine Reds are graded on the red, King Kongs are graded by intensity of the black color.

Cantonensis sp. King Kong is a color morph of the Bee Shrimp. Catonensis sp. King Kong along w the variants Wine Red and Panda are some of the most expensive freshwater shrimp available.

There are many variants of Catonensis sp. Bee.
Starting with:
King Kong
Crystal Red
Orange Bee
White Bee
Golden Bee
Wine Red

Our Black King Kong Shrimp can come mostly Black, however you may get higher grade shrimp in your collection that may have flecks of white, 1 or 2 white stripes. etc. We dont hand select colors for orders, it is what the net collects from a group.
Min Order no less than 4 please.
Size at Shipping about 3/4″+

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