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Freshwater Shrimp – Custodian/Scavenger Pearl Spotted Shrimp



Size: 1/2 to 2″
pH: versatile
Temp: versatile
Origin: India

The Pearl shrimp may just be the ticket for your aquariums with larger fish as these shrimp have the ability to fight off some predators. Sometimes categorized in the Long Arm or Claw Shrimp family, these shrimp will thrive in either brackish to completely freshwater environments with cave dwellings or crevices to hide in. These shrimp will NOT aggressively attack other shrimp, but they will defend themselves if attacked. Size at shipping is usually full grown about 3/4 to 1″

Stocking Ratio: up to 3 shrimp per gallon

Minimum quantity for “Freshwater Shrimp Custodian/Scavenger – Pearl Spotted Shrimp Macrobrachium mirabile” is 3.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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