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Barb Fish - Black Ruby Barb Tropical Fish

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The Black Ruby Barb or Purplehead Barb is a rare treat, and you just found it here!  When looking for the right fish to add to your aquarium, remember Arizona Aquatic Gardens is the place to go. The Black Ruby Barb is a sleek looking fish that is best described as being a an omnivore and a friendly tank mate, although it may have issues with large fish that are carnivores.  It prefers soft, slightly acidic water, though it will do fine in a pH 7.0 as it does not like dirty water.

This fish loves to swim in open space, and it is prone to develop Ich (White Spot) if the tank’s  water is too cold. To avoid this happening, simply feed it NLS Thera A+ with salt at all water changes.  Also, it’s a schooling fish, so try to keep in packs of at least 6.