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Barbs Aquarium Fish

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You really can’t get an easier fish to keep than a Barb. Barbs never hide and rarely pester other fish! Originally from India, most of our Barbs are raised  here in the USA.  A barb is one of various ray-finned fish species in a non-phylogenetic group with members in the family Cyprinidae, and especially the genera Barbus and Puntius, but many others as well. Barb Fish were formerly united with the barbels in the subfamily Barbinae but that group is paraphyletic with the Cyprininae. Barbs are not particularly affected by pH or hardness and barbs do well in any clean water. They prefer at least 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon but will tolerate much more. Salt will prevent many diseases too! Barbs are always active, and are great in community tanks that are heavily planted. They may nibble on softer leaves and are known to gobble up hair algae outbreaks. Barbs are not picky eaters. Barbs add color and movement to any tank. Males are usually more colorful. Tankmates: Barbs mix well with swordtails, gourami, and angelfish as well as many predator fish such as African cichlids. In fact, any hobbyists use Barbs as “peacekeepers” amongst other aggressive cichlids as many species of barbs will simply “keep the peace” in a normally chaotic tank with cichlids out to prove who’s boss! Give ’em try!

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