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Brazilian Pennywort Bunched Aquatic Plant



The Brazilian Pennywort Bunched Aquatic Plant, also known as Hydrocotyle verticillata, is fast growing plant native to South America. These oxygenating aquatic plants are one of the most important components to a succesful aquarium or pond, as they help clean water, remove algae, produce oxygen and promote clarity.

For best results, use 1 bunch per square foot of pond surface area (see pic 2 & 3). This plant is very versatile in it’s uses, but is great for use as a floating plant or to fill in empty spaces on the sides of your water garden as it will grow emerged.  In the aquarium (pictured in the 1st photo), it will grow submerged and can be trimmed and trained to grow as a ground cover, or allow it to grow tall to us ase a mid or background filler plant.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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