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Bunched Aquarium Plants

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Generous Portions at AAG Nurseries! Great availability! Buy in Bulk for best pricing!
Oour Bunched Aquarium Plants are generously sold in bunches of about 4 – 8 stems per bunch! Our plants are NOT SOLD as 1 individual stem like most other comptitors do! To us, that is a shortcut! We are not about shortcuts, we are about hooking you up as a consumer, and getting your moneys worth! Our Bunched Oxygenating Aquarium Plants for Sale are banded with ties or lead bands where specified. Most of these plants in this group will require regular pruning in typical aquaria and these plants will propagate from pruning as well. So be smart about your cuttings and REPLANT all of your cuttings! A “Regular” sized bunch is sold in bundles of at least 4 to 8 stems, and in some species we will offer XLG forms of the same plant which will be larger quantities of buncdles or longer overgrown bundles. We are never stingy! We have a great reputation for being generous with our aquarium plants since 1987. On occasion we may sub with potted forms at no additional charge depending on seasonal availability or weather conditions as potted forms may ship better depending on season or temp.

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