Brilliant Serpae Tropical Tetra



latin for regular Serpae is: Hyphessobrycon eques

Native to: Amazon drainages in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia as well as the Río Paraguay
Max Size: .78″ – 1.2″
Temp: versatile from 72 – 82 °F
pH: 5.0 – 8.2

The Brilliant Serpae Tetra has a gorgeous brilliant metallic sheen that reflects beautiful coloring such as pink, red & blue tones. A large school of Brilliant Serpae Tetras are a stunning addition to a community tank of other South American fish. Brilliant Serpaes are native to slow moving or sluggish backwaters including lake and ponds so a high current is not necessary for these fish. Brilliant Serpaes will eat most any food types offered as they are not picky. This is not a common Tetra typiucally found in the petstores, so enjoy this rare specdies in your tank today!

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