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Tetra Fish – Cardinal Tropical Tetra – Tank-Raised



Cardinal Tropical Tetra – Tank-Raised

These are lovingly farm-raised Cardinals!  They can be delicate shippers, but once acclimated to your aquarium, they are a very hardy!

  • Size: 2″ max
  • pH:5.5 – 7.0
  • KH: 10-12
  • Temp: 75 – 86F,
  • Origin: South America, lower Amazon region, around Aripiranga and Para

A very peaceful and colorful tetra that will do best in a very well-planted community aquarium. ideal tank mates for Discus habitats. .

Size at shipping: Will vary but usually about 3/4″ and up.

No less than 3 fish will be sold of this schooling species. Please order accordingly. Thank you