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Honduran Red Point Convict Cichlids
Amatitlania sp. Honduras Red Point
Cryptoheros sp. Honduran Red Point

This very pretty Dwarf Cichlid belongs to the closer relationship of the Convict cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciatum,formerly Cichlasoma n.)

Native to: the Rio Patuca on the Mosquito Coast of Honduras

Size: 5″ max for males, females a bit smaller. Typipcally grow to about 3″ in aquaria

Water: Not fussy. Found in moderately hard, alkaline water.

Sexing: After they reach 2″ Females are mainly metallic blue w iridescent green flecks and a pale underlying melanin pattern. The dorsal of the female is often very blue with a dark mark in the middle. Males are larger when adults, have a little longer fins/orange-red markings in the dorsal, anal and caudal.

Diet: Cryptoheros aren’t fussy eaters, as most will happily accept flakes, pellets, frozen foods, bloodworms and brineshrimp.

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