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Aplocheilus annulatus, Clown Killifish. Clown Panchax, Haplochilus annulatus, Panchax annulatus, Pseudepiplatys annulatus, Rocket Killifish, Rocket Panchax

Max. size: 1.5″
Native to: Africa: Guinea, Liberia & Sierra Leone
pH: 6.0-7.2
Temp: 73 – 77° F

Clown Killifish can be kept in small aquariums or nano aquariums because they are so small and look outstanding in numbers, so they are best kept in larger groups in heavily planted aquariums. Males in this species will put on a show regularly for no reason, whereas other Killis will only put on a show to spar, fight or to win a mate.

Clean & softer water are of greater benefit for longterm success of this colorful little Killi. Clown Killies accept most foods including flakes without any issue and for this reason they are appreciated by hobbyists due to their non-finicky nature. Killies are egg-scattering fish, so the females lay a few eggs every day when they are ready amd make excellent parents because they will rarely eat their fry (babies), so they are very suitable for a permanent heavily planted breeding aquarium! The eggs will hatch in the aquarium and you can feed fry either hatched brine shrimp or Fry Formula Food by New Life Spectrum. Have fun with these little guys! EZ to raise for all levels!  Compare our low price to our competitors at 25.99 each!

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