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Minnow – Least Killifish (Dwarf Mosquito fish)


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The Dwarf Mosquito Killifish, or Heterandria Formosa, is very popular for stocking in ponds to eat mosquito larvae. The
Heterandria is now becoming the fish of choice mainly due to the fact that they don’t eat the eggs of other fishes, which is a concern for the survival of North America’s Native fishes that are becoming endangered.

Like Mosquito fish, Heterandria also eat large amounts of mosquito and other larvae, but are not as prolific breeders, and they also can live in smaller amounts of water with greater chances of survival. These very hardy, slow live-bearing, community fish need a well planted aquarium or pond for best results. Best to purchase this fish in no less than a dozen as they thrive and breed better as a school.

  • Size: female: about 3/4″ males smaller (See pic inset, female has pregnant belly, male smaller)
  • pH: 6.8 – 7.0
  • GH: 6
  • Temp: versatile
  • Origin: South Eastern US
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