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Clown Loach



Botia macracantha

The Clown Loach is commonly used by hobbyists and aquarists as a noxious snail eater.  Safe to use with our Olive Nerite Snails.  This colorful Loach is most active at night and will do best in groups or clusters of it’s own species.  Loaches in general, will prefer to have larger rocks or driftwood to huddle under in a sideways position and are quite comfortable squeezing into tight holes for refuge.  Never use medications on Clown Loaches that may get Ich.  Simply raise temp to above 82 degrees for 2 days.  Strong will survive, week will parish.  This is the Loach of choice for many discuss enthusiasts as the Clown Loach prefers warm water conditions.

  • Max Size: documented 12″, Temp: 72-86, pH: 6.0 – 7.5, KH: 8 – 12, Origin: Indonesia
  • Peaceful, omnivore, scaleless bottom feeder.
  • Small =1.5″
  • Large = 2- 3″

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