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Tetra Fish - Columbian Ruby Red Tropical Tetra


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Columbian Ruby Red Tropical Tetra

Temp: 79°F

Native to: Colombia
Length : 4 cm – 1.5″

This small, peaceful schooling fish should be kept in large numbers. It’s habitat should be planted on the sides and background with an open area in the front for foraging and free swimming.  A dark substrate is best for enhancing color, and the use of peat filtering the water to create a soft water is best.  They prefer a dimmed light or use floating plants such as Frogbit to help block out extra light.  Lots of green plants will enhance the colors of this spectacularly colored fish.  This is a rare fish and not often available for sale.

This spectacular dwarf fish was new to the aquarium trade in 2011.  Has not been available since 2019!   Now in August 2022 we finally have these gorgeous fish to offer to our customers!   Enjoy while they are available for sale.