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Goldfish for Ponds – Comet Goldfish Asst Bulk Pond Stocker



Comet Goldfish For Sale

Carassius auratus

If you are stocking or re-stocking your pond, sometimes it’s more beneficial and cheaper to buy in bulk to save some money. Our Bulk Pack Pond Stocker packs are sold in larger lots to save you money. Sizes of these fish will range from about 1″ – 1.5″ or even 2″ size. We can ship up to 3,000 goldfish in 1 box.

Calculate practical pond stocking quantities!

The best way to determine how many comet goldfish to stock in a pond would be to take the square footage of your pond

L x W = SQ FT

for example a 10×10 pond would be 100 sq feet. = 500 goldfish

For a decent stocking we suggest about 5 fish per sq foot initially.  Fish do not live forever, but realistically, some may die in transit, acclimation, in-time, predators, weather, etc.

One of the biggest problems why people have algae issues in a pond is because they DO NOT stock enough fish! If you own a 100 sq foot pond and think that having 20 or so fish is enough, you’re incorrect, and that’s why you will always have issues with maintaining good water quality. Additionally, you do not want to overfeed your goldfish!  Most goldfish will live 50 years without you even feeding them once. Allow them to forage, eat waste, scavenge the bottom, eat algae, and in the warmer months, they will voraciously eat bugs & larvae.  If you supplement feed them daily, they will be less interested in eating the yuck in your pond and will wait for Mommy or Daddy to bring them dinner everyday, thus creating more waste, more phosphate and nitrate which feeds your algae, so you get into a terrible cycle…..not good.  Offering food infrequently is better or offering foods high in protein is also better!  Feeding right before you get into colder weather, like Aug or Sept will help your fish prepare better for the upcoming Winter months when they really wont be eating much because their metabolism slows way down.


If you need help stocking your pond, just call us, we can help.  Our pond consulting line is 520-971-1357


Thank you and good luck!


Minimum quantity for “Goldfish – Comet Assorted Bulk Pack Pond Stocker” is 50.

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