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Koi - Japanese Kohaku Koi 3 - 4

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These are imports from Japan.  Kohaku are a bright snowy white w/ orange/red (hi) markings with crisp outlines (called the kiwa) covering the head and body. One of the most popular fish in Japan, the Kohaku Koi Fish will have darker and more rich colors on the head when they are younger.  As the fish ages, the bosy will match the colorations on the head.

These Kohaku Koi are rated as AAA Grade Select which is one of the highest ratings these fish can receive.  They are produced by some of the finest brood stock.

Koi can live longer than 200 years, but typically live 25 to 35 years. These high-quality Japanese Koi are a product of years of professional breeding.
Size at shipping: usually about 3″ – 4″ +

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