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Banded Cory Catfish
Barbatus Corydoras Tank Raised
Scleromystax barbatus
aka: Callichthys barbatus, C, kronei, C. eigenmanni

Native to:South-America, Brazil, from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo.

The cory can grow quite large if housed in a large aquarium. Since these catfish occur in very different habitats, no special water requirements are necessary. Soft acidic water with high tannin levels the colors are much brighter and generally more desireable for breeding.

Size: Males (3-4″) 8.0-12.0 cm, females smaller.
pH: 5.0-7.5
Hardness: 2-20

Fry may have problems breaking through the thick eggshell in higher pH, so it may be better to breed them at lower pH. Spawning is slightly different from other corydoras, after the T-position is broken off, then the eggs are produced. Eggs are layed in large clumps. Eggs and fry are no larger than other corydoras.

Scleromystax spp. are foraging omnivores and will accept sinking dried foods as well as small live and frozen foods like chironomid larvae (bloodworm), Tubifex, etc. Feeding a varied diet will ensure the fish are in optimum condition.

Under no circumstances should the Barbatus Cory be expected to survive on “left-overs” from other inhabitants of the aquarium or relied on to ‘clean’ the aquarium. Stock in numbers for a happy colony of these fish!

1st pic Adult Male

2nd pic juvenile

3rd pic Adult female

4th pic Barbatus breeding pair