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Cory - Sterbai Cory Catfish



Sterbai Corydorus Catfish

Temp: 70-77° F
KH 0-15
pH 6.2-7.8
Max. Size: 3″
Native to: Brazil, South America, Upper Rio Guapore The Sterba’s Cory is a peaceful fish that enjoys dark, soft bottom aquariums.  In addition, they prefer a limited amount of plants, and they like clear water with a bit of current.

An omnivorous fish, their diet includes dried; flaked; frozen and live foods, including pellet foods, frozen brine and live worms.

The breeding process entails the females carrying eggs with a special pouch, and leaving them attached to a leaf or a separate smooth surface.  Less than a week later, the eggs will hatch.  You can feed the young fish with micro-worms or micro-plankton until they’re ready for prepared foods.