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Cryptocoryne Becketii Aquarium Plant


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Cryptocoryne beckettii

  • Minimum Order: 10
  • Native to Philippines, Sri Lanka, & Indonesia
  • Lighting = Low to Moderate=.5 to 1.0up to 2.5 watts per gallon
  • Temp = Medium: 73-83F or 23-28C
  • pH = Neutral 7.0

Cryptocorynes almost always tend to grow best in low light tanks. If too much light passes, it encourages algae to grow on the eaves. They grow slowly & steadily. Crypts do not like being moved at all because transplanting them stops their growth for a little while. Potted crypts usually take the move to another tank much much better.

Enemies. Try to avoid plant eaters such as hatchetfish, silver dollars & most large plecos. Frequent smaller amounts of fertilizer will work better than the occasional big dosings.

Requirements. Cryptocorynes (as with most rooted plants) root their best in a smaller substrate about the size of a BB. Their roots and their rhizomes will grow right below the surface and spread widely across. Gravel vacuum cleaners will disturb them almost indefinately.

Reproduction. Few people will go to the effort to harvest the crypt seeds. You need to gradually lower the water level until the tiny blooms appear and get from that point, become fertilized. Almost everyone grows new crypts through their rhizomes.

Crypts can wilt, do not like floating in a tank, and do not like being unplanted. Sometimes just moving them to another tank with different lighting and water conditions will make their leaves wither, possibly tear and even disintegrate. You can plant the root base and be patient. Crypts often re-grow.

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Minimum quantity for “Cryptocoryne Becketii” is 10.