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Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis Aquarium Plant



  • Native to Philippines, Sri Lanka, & Indonesia
  • Lighting = Low to Moderate=.5 to 1.0up to 2.5 watts per gallon
  • Temp = Medium: 73-83F or 23-28C
  • pH = Neutral 7.0

This is a great addition to any tank! These grow slowly but steadily. Cryptocorynes grow best in low light tanks because too much light encourages algae to grow on the leaves. Crypts do not like being moved, however, potted crypts usually take the move to another tank much better. Frequent small amounts of fertilizer work better than occasional big dosings. Cryptocorynes (and most rooted plants) root best in a smaller substrate about the size of a BB. Their roots spread widely. Gravel vacuum cleaners can and will often disturb them.

You need to gradually lower the water level until the tiny blooms appear and get fertilized. Nearly everyone grows new crypts through their rhizomes. Not many people will go to the effort to harvest crypt seeds. Crypts do not like floating in a tank unplanted.

Minimum quantity for “Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis” is 10.