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Duckweed or Lemna minor Floating Plant



Floating Duckweed

Lemna minor

Duckweed Floating Plant, otherwise known as Lemna minor, is a tiny free-floating vegetation that can live and thrive in almost any aquatic conditions. While in your water garden, this plant can provide shade to life below if desired. Overall, this is an easy plant to grow and maintain which requires low to moderate lighting.

Duckweed is available in stock and sold in 1lb. bags. Duckweed does not ship as well during summer months, so if it’s July or August may we suggest ordering Azolla or Salvinia which ships much better anytime of the year.

Duckweed is a wonderful surface cover plant to help block UV making it tough for algae to grow. It can be used for many applications not just for ponds. It is also used as a food source for backyard chickens and can be grown in simple containers of water to offer your chickens a natural food that will quickly reproduce if offered the proper growing conditions.

When offered full sunlight & still water, duckweed will grow like crazy until it covers the surface of a pond, it will then need to be scooped out to make room for other more duckweed to grow, and so on, so Duckweed is easy to grow and fish love to eat it! Duckweed is extraordinarily high in protein as well! Corn in chicken feed is only 9% protein, and dry-roasted soybeans are 37% protein but Duckweed is 40 to 50% protein!

Duckweed can actually make 40% of a chicken’s diet with 25% being more optimal, which means you’ll be paying 25 to 40% less for chicken feed once you get your duckweed to start growing on it’s own. Duckweed likes high fertility water which is obviously easy to do naturally with most waterways. Duckweed cleans water while producing free chicken or fish feed!

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