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Dwarf Onion Zephyranthes candida



Zephyranthes candida (Fairy Lily) – This is a bulb with evergreen, rush-like foliage that forms a 1 foot tall and 2 feet wide clump. In the late summer and fall, white tubular flowers with six petals and yellow stamens, bloom on stems that are as tall as the foliage. Grow in sun or part shade in most any soil and water regularly or allow soil to dry slightly between irrigations to induce flowering. A very hardy plant that will die down and reportedly survive temperatures as low as 0 degrees F but is evergreen in milder climate areas with temperatures no colder than the high teens. In the aquarium, this plant is outstanding on performance, and abuse from animals that may want to otherwise chew on soft leaves, this plant will withstand some picking.

sold as 1 rooted plant

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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