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Apistogramma – Dwarf Cockatoo Cacatuoides Cichlid



Apistogramma Cacatuoides, Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid

Your aquarium can become a sea of colors as schools of Dwarf Cacatuoides swim around. They are extremely peaceful fish, who do not eat aquarium plants, and are great for almost any community aquarium. At full grown males can be up to 3.5”, while the females tend to get no larger than 2.4.” These fish are most content living in large schools or colonies, rather than on their own.

Dwarf Cacatuoides are a beautiful sight, although they can be found in Double Reds, Triple Reds, and Orange Flash colors, as well. It can be difficult to breed this fish because the females must choose from a group of males to choose from; they cannot be paired any other way.

To keep your aquarium comfortable for Dwarf fish, please abide by these requirements:

• dH 2-10°
• pH 5.7-7 (6.4 is ideal)
• Temp: 73-82°

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