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Pleco – Snow King Trinidad Plecostomus



Snow King Trinidad Plecostomus

aka: Snow King Plecostomus, Trinidad Pleco
Liposarcus anisitsi

Synonyms: Ancistrus multiradiatus var. alternans, Pterygoplichthys anisitsi, P. alternans, P. juvens

Native to: South America: Guianan coastal drainages

Max Size: 50 cm (about 20 inches depending on tank size but likely in the wild to reach such sizes)

This is one of the most popular, best-selling algae eating fish out there!

The Trinidad Pleco is a tropical freshwater fish that comes from a wide range of water types and is extremely adaptable to virtually any freshwater condition. It has established populations in Florida’s canals and even coastal, brackish-water areas.
This is a tough-as-nails species that is about the easiest fish on earth to maintain. If you own a large aquarium such as 100 gallons or more you may get to enjoy seeing this fish reach a large size. Trinidads are an omnivore and will feed on algae, invertebrates, small fish, and just about any fresh or prepared foods you offer it. The Trinidad is attractively spotted over the entire body and fins, with a prominent dorsal fin. This fish is often photographed out of the water, being held by its snout between thumb and fingers. This causes it to flare its fins fully while protecting the holder from their substantial spines. Usually a specimen is seen hiding in a dark corner, fins clamped, appearing a dusky brown, or sucking on the interior glass of an aquarium snacking on the algae. Stocking in numbers is advisable if you have the room, as this fish enjoys the company of other pleco tankmates.  Patterns on youngsters vary from stripes to spots, patterns can stay or fade to black over time.

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