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Barb Fish - Filament Barb Tropical Fish

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Size: 6″ max (15 cm)
Strata: Mainly midwater. Will feed at the top and bottom though.
PH: 6 – 7, tolerates a wide range
Hardness: dh range 2 – 15°, tolerates wide range
Temp: 68°F – 76°F (20°-25° C)
Native to: India & Asia

The Filament Barb is not only beautiful, but also one of the most captivating of this genus. Unfortunately this species has taken a backstage from other more popular barbs and is not very well known or appreciated. This is a schooling fish, great for comminty tanks but as we always talk about barbs, these are great for cichlid tanks as barbs are a referee or moderator with other fish that tend to fight, so call them peacekeepers if you will, however, to acheive this successfully, you must keep barbs in a school. They do not require very special water and are in fact, very undemanding as long as the water is kept clean and nitrate levels kept low. They appreciate a good flow of water, so if you have a powerhead cranking, that’s even better! High aeration a plus too. Filament Barbs are Omnivores and will eat quality flake and pellets, but will appreciate freeze dried bloodworms, shrimp, etc. Barbs are adaptable to Brackish systems. Filament Barbs live in nature with other fish such as Danios, Loaches, Botia in riverways filled with sand, rocks and boulders. Reproducing these conditions in your aquarium will be beneficial.