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Danio – Fireline Danio Devario sondhii

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Fireline Danio
Devario sondhii

NOTE: genus Cyprinus is now Devario (2019)

Temp: 68-79°F (20 – 26°C)
pH: 6.5 – 7.5 (7.3 ideal)
Hardness: The water in northern Myanmar is typically soft so aim for somewhere within the range 18 – 90 ppm.
Native to: Southern Shan States Myanmar.
Size: 1.57″ (40mm) Max

The Fireline Danio is an easy to keep and breed schooling fish that prefers the middle to upper levels of aquaria. It is a very prolific egg layer and the fry have a rapid growth rate. Within 3 months, they are capable of reproducing!

Stock their habitat w dense aquatic plants, mostly from the family Hydrocharitaceae which includes such genera as Elodea, Egeria (Anacharis) and Blyxa. The addition of some floating plants to diffuse the light entering the tank will be appreciated by your school as well. Use plants like Hornwort, Water Sprite and Frogbit.

Water movement doesn’t need to be strong as Fireline’s hail from sluggish waters but will also do well in a “hillstream type” setup!

The Fireline Danio will appreciate being stocked in numbers and also best kept in a densely-planted tank! Enjoy!

please order no less than 2

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