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Minnow - Rainbow Shiner - North American Native Fish



North American Native Fish
Rainbow shiners
Notropis chrosomus syn: Hybopsis chrosomus
We offer the lowest price on this extraordinary fish anywhere in the USA! Tank-bred!

This species feeds on small, aquatic crustaceans, insects, and plant matter, including algae!

The rainbow shiner was originally endemic to the Mobile River system, where it can be found in small clear rivers of drainage areas of the Alabama, Coosa and Black Warrior rivers in particular. Now it also appears in some rivers in Tennessee and is a popular pet fish for aquariums and ponds.

This is a peaceful, schooling/shoaling fish that is known for its remarkable and stunning colors that look like little jewels underwater, especially during breeding season! We generally ship Rainbow Shiner young without impressive color,

Vibrant coloration, especially in breeding males
Very outgoing and hardy
Peaceful disposition with fish and peaceful Very active and noticeable fish in any exhibit or pond
Ideal for planted aquariums, ornamental garden ponds! Yes these are indigenous to Southeastern United States!

Temp: 47 – 85°F (65-75 ideal)
pH: 6.3 – 8.9
KH: 2-18 dKH
Min Tank Size: 10-15 gallons can stock a small school of shiners.In ponds stock no less than 30-50 fish per school

Max Adult Size: 2 – 3″ See picture #2
Avg Ship Size: 1 – 1.5 inches   See picture #1 typically what is shipped

School of Rainbow Shiners in breeding season See Pic #3

Min purchase no less than 6