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Freshwater Custodian/Scavenger Red Claw Shrimp



Native to: East Himalayan waters, and mountainous parts of Burma

PH: 6.9 – 8.2
Temp: 68 – 86°F
Hardness: 3 (gH); 1.5 (kH)

The male Red Claw Shrimp can reach 8 cm in length; females are shorter at 6 cm. This species has a brownish appearance but can vary from a light yellow/brown color to a dark brown and a transparent carapax. Males will have huge red tongs with black stripes. Females are light green. The Red Claw Shrimp will eat anything that looks appetizing like pest snails, live or frozen food, dead animals, and more. You might consider feeding Red Claw Shrimp fish food pellets, flakes, algae or wafers.

Macrobrachium assamense have an interesting style of courtship in which the male uses his tongs to hug the female. The female Red Claw Shrimp will carry 20 – 60 fertilized eggs for 2 weeks before hatching. This species is easy to breed. Keeping a group Macrobrachium assamense in a 10 gallon tank is fine

Shipping sizes vary but these are a larger-sized shrimp, usually no less than 1″ and no more than 3″

We offer a variety of unique shrimp for many applications. If you would like to learn more about this shrimp contact us today!

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