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#1 Freshwater Algae Eating Shrimp Assortment



#1 Freshwater Algae Eating Shrimp Assortment

This a collection of assorted species of Algae Eating Shrimp from the Caridina & Neocaridina family.

No picking or choosing varieties please…..this is “growers choice” only based on availability and season. If you are looking for specific species of these shrimp, you will want to order them individually, otherwise, this is a fine choice for those that simply want a nice selection of algae eating shrimp to handle algae issues as well as wanting some entertainment. You will get 3 to 5 different species of shrimp in every order of 15+ shrimp. This is a good deal!

Tips for stocking algae eating shrimp: 25 shrimp per 5 gallons of water. These shrimp will not contribute any measurable bio-load at that rate due to their size. Factor in attrition or mortality when ordering.

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ALL shrimp are sold individually

Minimum purchase – no less than 12 to get this price.

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