Freshwater Shrimp – Dwarf Blackberry Shrimp

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photo credit Thanks to our friend Chris Lukhaup

Size: 1/4″ to 3/4″ pH: versatile Temp: versatile Origin: Thailand

This is a relative of the Amano algae eating shrimp. Looks like a Dwarf Black Amano sometimes with a bluish hue. These are great shrimp for consuming hair algae and algae on your plant’s delicate leaves. A must for all planted aquariums. Obviously you will not add these to a tank with hungry large carnivores, but these are compatible with all small peaceful community fish and all of the shrimp we sell.

Stocking Ratio: up to 6 shrimp per gallon

Minimum quantity for “Freshwater Shrimp – Dwarf Blackberry Shrimp Caridina cf. cantonensis” is 6.

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