Freshwater Shrimp – Rili Orange Shrimp

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The Rili Shrimp originally came from Taiwan breeders in 2010 and was highly sought after for their coloration and combination of intense colors and clear parts. The first Rilis were selectively bred from red neocaridinas like Red Cherry Shrim that many of us recognize. Once these shrimps made it to the US the Rili shrimp brought a very high price but since then prices have dropped dramatically! Since the stabilization of the Rili line, yellow/orange, blue, & green coloration morphs have been recorded.

Thank you to our friend Chris Lukhaup for his gorgeous photography!

Minimum quantity for “Freshwater Shrimp – Rili Orange Shrimp Neocaridina heteropoda var. Rili Orange” is 6.

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