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Freshwater Shrimp – Custodian/Scavenger Chameleon Shrimp


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Freshwater Shrimp – Custodian/Scavenger Chameleon Shrimp

Native to: Indonesia
Water temp: 64 ° to 79 °F
Hardness: 5-15 ° GH, very adaptable
PH value: 7 ideal

An oddly colored shrimp body that is mottled brown with white stripes and colors may vary depending on food types offered or surroundings it is in. Males will have long dense hairs on their scissor claws. Males right claw larger and with a “fur”. Females have smaller scissor claws with shorter body. Size of females up to 2.75″, Size of males up to 3.5″

stocking: about 5 per 10 gallons. Heavily Planted tanks are ideal
Usually hidden during the day, but evening very active even when the lights are on

shipping sizes vary but these are a larger-sized shrimp, usually no less than 1″

If you have any questions about this shrimp contact us now!


Min order no less than 3

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