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Freshwater Shrimp – Rudolph Red Nosed Shrimp


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Freshwater Rudolph Red Nosed Shrimp

Back in Season! Now Available!

Size: up to 3/4″
pH: versatile
Temp: versatile
Native to: India

Our 2nd most popular shrimp next to our Red Cherrys since we announced their arrival in August 2006. Maybe it’s their Rhino-like nose? Like the Red-Cherry’s, they can handle just about any water condition, but are sensitive to Ammonia. Max size is about an inch. Beautiful, beneficial, and entertaining shrimp! Great for algae on your plant’s delicate leaves. A must for all planted aquariums. Obviously you will not add these to a tank with hungry large carnivores, but these are compatible with all small peaceful community fish and all of the shrimp we sell. Pictured above is a nicely colored Male. Females are smaller, less colorful, but without them, there can be no reproduction, which should occur in your aquarium if you have proper brackish conditions. Last thing….unlike most shrimp, Rudolph’s are true swimmers, as opposed to most other shrimp, which typically just walk around. Size at shipping: assorted about 1/2″ and up..

Stocking Ratio: up to 5-8 shrimp per gallon.

Special thanks to our friend Chris Lukhaup for exquisite shrimp photo contributions on this site!

Minimum quantity for “Freshwater Shrimp – Rudolph Red Nosed Shrimp Caridina gracilirostris” is 4.

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