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Clams – Giant Asian Freshwater Filter Feeder


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The Tropical South Asia, Africa, and Austrailia native Substrate Burrower GIANT Asian Freshwater Clam is known properly by Corbicula fluminea.

This is the same clam we sell as our little Golden Clam, however, these clams are old, grandpa clams if you will. They’ve spent years growing out their shells, and they have a long life ahead, but if you really want to enjoy seeing your jumbo sized clam, these are the ones to purchase. Usually shipped about the size of a half dollar to a silver dollar, you will NOT be disappointed! You do not need to feed them, they are filter feeders, and they will feed off micro-organisms and waste in your aquarium substrate! When you first get them, they will need to acclimate as you would any other new fish, drop them in your aquarium, and gently push them just a touch into your substrate. They prefer to bury themselves in “small” gravel or sand substrates, so no larger- sized rock substrates, however we have kept them for decades in old tanks that had fairly chunky rock and they did well. They will move around on their own, and will NOT disturb your plants or their roots. They will live, well, probably forever because in time they will hopefully produce baby clams that will grow up just like Mommy and Daddy. For aquariums or ponds stock about 1 clam per 4 sq foot of gravel bed space.

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