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Lobster Assortment Packs

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Growers Choice Freshwater Lobster Assortment Packs
Buy in bulk and save!

NOTE: In order to get these lobsters for this price, you must purchase no less than 6 lobsters.  No color choosing requests. This is a grower’s choice only based on current availability. If you like surprises and great bargains, this is for you!  THANK YOU!

Procambarus alleni

Size: Up to 6″
pH: 6.5 – 8.5
Temp: 65-90
Origin: New Guinea

These assortment packs will allow you to get a better price on freshwater lobsters for your aquarium or pond and allow our staff to pick out colors for you based on seasonal availability. We will at least get you 2 different colors, maybe more, but please NO color choice requests with these packs. If there is a specific color you need then please just add that color to your cart alacarte. We work hard to make sure that everyone is happy, and assure you that we will pick healthy, happy lobsters that you will enjoy. Will be chosen from lobster colors available on our site and perhaps some other color morphs. Never a disappointment.

Freshwater lobsters are omnivore scavengers that will eat all of the left over food your other fish miss, as well as detritus and other waste off the bottom of your aquarium. Although lobsters will eat dead or dying fish as well, they are usually too slow to catch healthy fish. Lobsters are easy, if not simple, to keep and care for. You may supplement feed them Algae Wafers if needed.

Size at shipping: about 2+” and up

Check your local laws for restrictions on genus & species of crayfish, lobsters, or for any aquatic animal in your state before ordering. AAG, Inc assumes no liability, nor are we held responsible for our customers orders or the contents of which they do with after they receive items. The property becomes the customers responsibility once shipped and final outcome of said animals is solely the responsibility of the receiving party only. Use common sense when disposing of a perished aquatic animal by not flushing them down the toilet or tossing in a local waterway, but rather dispose of them in your refuse.
NO SALES TO THE FOLLOWING STATES: Protect our Ecosystems & Know your Aquatic Animal Responsibilities! It is important to make sure living things in your aquarium or pond are kept away from our oceans and natural waterways. Be responsible. Many States do NOT allow the sale of the aquatic specimen Procambarus clarkii into their state for use as live bait. Our farm also recognizes and honors this request, We will NOT ship clarkii species crayfish to the following states:
Illinois  Indiana
Maryland  Michigan  Minnesota
New York

If you have any questions about our assortment packs you can contact the Arizona Aquatic Gardens team today!

Minimum quantity for “Lobster Assortment Packs” is 6

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