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Giant Tiger Otocinclus Algae Eater


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Giant Tiger Otocinclus
H. psilorhynchus

One of the hardest Otocinclus to find. Offered usually for zoological exhibits in the past, now offered to aquarists. Last time we offered these to the public was in 2017. Now available Mar 2023. You will enjoy these awesome fish!

Native to: Peru

Temp: 74-85° F

KH 6-10
pH 6.8-8.2
Max. Size: 4.25″

The Giant Tiger Otocinclus Catfish is NOT the same as the common Otocinclus (note the latin name). This fish grows to about 4.25″ in aquaria, whereas the common Oto might max out at 2″ or so. This algae-busting favorite of aquarium hobbyists is extremely rare and hardly ever available in any petstore. The Tiger Otocinclus Catfish does a great job keeping aquarium glass and plants free of algae. Your aquascape and schooling fish will take center stage when the Otocinclus Catfish turns problem algae into delicious meals using its sucker-type mouth.

This is a peaceful and very social fish, the Giant Tiger Otocinclus Catfish prefers to be kept in small schools.

A planted aquarium with high vegetation and some algae will sustain the Otocinclus. However, if algae are not present, supplement with a vegetable-based flake or wafer food.

Size at shipping about 2.5″ – 2.99″

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