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Algae Eating Blue Amur Taiwan Bitterling Fish

Taiwanese Bitterling (Paracheilognathus himantegus)

aka syn: Taiwanese Bitterling, Taiwan Bitterling

Additional scientific names
Achilognathus himantegus, Tanakia himantegus, Acheilognathus chii

Max Size: 6-8 cm (2.4 – 3.4″)
Best pH: 6.5 – 7.5
Ideal Temps: 59-82.4°F Ideal for breeding (15 -28 °C)  Water Hardness: 6-10 °
Stocking: 1 male for evey 2 females
1-2 bitterling per every sq foot of pond space
Diet: Omnivore, supplement feed with Pellets, Flakes, or Live Foods
Life Span: 4 – 6 years
Native to: Asia
Family: Cyprinidae

The algae eating Blue Amur or Taiwan Bitterling is an absolutely stunning fish with a peaceful demeanor. The Taiwan Bitterling should not be confused with other Bitterlings as this more uncommon specific species is unique on its own.

This fish is typically known to consume a wide variety of algae, worms and larvae, the Taiwan Bitterling also eats Mosquitoes and other flying insects that land on the water surface. This fish is great for ponds and can be kept in either freshwater or brackish water as well. Remember to stock at least 1-2 bitterling per every surface sq foot of pond space.These fish are extremely hearty and can tolerate cooler waters in the Winter.  We have had reports from customers in the Northern midwest states and midwest that can keep these year round in their pond. Depends on how brutal of a Winter you have. ALL aquatic livestock can be affected by prolonged severe weather.

When reached to full maturity, the Taiwan Bitterling resembles large Rainbowfish.

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