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Highfin Glassy Perchlet
Parambassis lala

Syn: Ambassis alta

Parambassis lala is a widely distributed species reported from India (Orissa, Tripura, Assam, Bengal and Bihar) and Myanmar. Parambassis lala is known from the lowlands of the Ganges-Brahmaputra and Mahanadi basins in India and the Irrawaddy basin in Myanmar (Roberts 1994). It is very common in Assam.

The Indian Glass Perch is an old aquarium fish, the first importation was as early as 1905. Nevertheless, there are still totally wrong rumors about this fish. So it is often said that Parambassis lala would prefer brackish water, however, this is nonsense as this fish occurs exclusively in pure freshwater where it lives in schools.

Due to confusion with other similar species in the Parambassis genus, it is also often said that Parambassis lala would reach a length of about 8 cm (3.1″) but in fact Parambassis lala never becomes larger than 3-4 cm (1.5″). Males of Highfin Glassy Perchlet have a very pretty whitish-blue seam along the anal and the dorsal fin which lacks in females. Keeping the Highfin Glassy Perchlet is easy, but they prefer live foods, frozen or freeze dried food, such as bloodworms.

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