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Glassfish – Humphead Perchlet Parambassis pulcinella


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Parambassis pulcinella, Humphead Glassfish, Humphead Glass Perchlet

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It is unusual for a fish of this size to remain hidden from the science community for so long but somehow this little beauty did slip through the cracks.

The humphead perchlet is a species of Asiatic glassfish native to fast-flowing streams in the Ataran basin in southeast Myanmar and west Thailand. It reaches a length of 10 cm (3.9 in) and is rarely seen in the aquarium trade. It certainly is an odd looking fish that has become an instant success story!

The Humphead Glassfish is an exciting addition to the aquarium hobby. If you are looking for something unusual, but with a bit of size and lots of character, a school of these beauties could be just the ticket!

It differs a bit from other glassfish species because its body is not quite as transparent, but it does have the divided dorsal fin and the lateral line that extends to the tail fin. There are many “new” species coming from their homeland of Myanmar, and this may be due in part to the past political climate of that country. Only recently has science had relatively free access to the waters of Myanmar (formerly Burma).

The Humphead Glassfish, like other glassfish species, are surprisingly hardy and adaptable. Most glassfish need brackish water environment to survive BUT THESE are strictly freshwater fish, so this simple to care for and make a most intriguing curiosity for a freshwater community tank! They are peaceful with other tank mates, but are a boisterous and energetic at feeding time. They have a surprising large mouth and may snack on a guppy or danio sized companion. Best to keep at least 8 or more fish in a group.

They like a well planted aquarium 20 gallons or more if you want to keep a school. Make sure the water has a fairly strong movement to reflect their fast native waters, and is well oxygenated.

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