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Goby - Green Riffle Goby Stiphodon elegans



Green Riffle Goby
Stiphodon elegans

aka: Golden Neon Goby, Sicydium elegans, Vailima stevensoni, Stiphodon stevensoni

Ideal water parameters are
72-80° F
KH 2-12
pH 6.5-7.5

These gobies will do best in colonies with other Gobys and lots of other fish! These Gobies are algae grazers, they need to be in a mature tank with a lot of algae growth. They will, however, only eat certain types of algae, mostly short tufty types of algae. They should also accept algae wafers and dried marine seaweed. They may also accept some soft blanched veges like peas. They should not be fed meaty foods as their digestive system is not designed for high protein.

A fast-moving, oxygen-rich environment can be achieved through the use of powerheads. Make sure the airline tubing connected to the powerhead inlet is drawing in fresh air. The use of a slightly oversized filter will also increase filtration and water movement. Also, avoid high water temperatures to ensure greater dissolved oxygen content. To create a natural habitat, aquascape with ample amounts of river rocks of varying size and shape to replicate a tumbled streambed. Algae and other food items growing on or encrusting the river rock is an essential food source that offers beneficial foraging activity.

shipped about 1.5 – 1.75″

Cool YouTube video of Green Riffle Goby