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Botia/Loach – Butterfly Hillstream Loach Algae Eater



The Butterfly Hillstream Loach is a gorgeous species of gastromyzontid loach native to the riverine fauna of China in Asia. Other common names for this popular aquarium fish are Chinese hillstream Loach, Hong Kong pleco & the Chinese sucker fish. It is found in fast-flowing streams in China.

In the aquarium, to duplicate the natural habitat of these loaches, it is best to offer high oxygen levels by providing excellent water-flow, adequate aeration & plenty of hiding places inside the tank. This fish loves to feast on algae growth! Anubias plant species and Microsorum pteropus are great choices for plants that will tolerate a high water flow which can also be grown on rocks or driftwood.
If you need to supplement with other foods, we recommend any of the New Life Spectrum Formulas or H2O Stable Wafers from our Fish Foods link. Stocking suggestion is 1 Hillstream loach per 3 gallons of water.

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