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Barb Fish - Golden Dwarf Barb Tropical Fish

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Description is known for offering rare fish you can’t find anywhere else, but we also have one of the largest selections of small, dwarf or micro size fish.  Here’s a new one you will love!!!!

The Golden Barb or Golden Dwarf Barb is a species of cyprinid fish native to inland waters in Asia, yet is also found in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh & yes even Colombia! This is considered a micro barb and is naturally a “micropredator” feeding on small insects, worms, and other zooplankton in nature. In the aquarium, it will accept small dried foods of a suitable size but should not be fed these exclusively. Small live or frozen foods such as Daphnia, Artemia, etc., along with good quality flakes and granules will result in the best coloration and encourage the fish to come into breeding condition. Allow your fish to forage for naturally occurring foods.

This is a very peaceful fish, but remember that it is very small, so it is ideal for nano systems. The Golden Dwarf Barb is a schooling species by nature and really should be kept in a group of at least 8-10 specimens. A display of 50 or 100’s is magnificent. Maintaining this fish in larger numbers will not only make the fish less nervous, but will also result in a more effective, natural-looking display, plus males will also display their best colors and some interesting behavior as they compete with one other for female attention.

The Golden Dwarf Barb will do best with other diminutive species such as small Gourami, Danios, Rasboras, small Tetras as well as small freshwater shrimp.