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Tetra Fish - Green Neon Tropical Tetra



Green Neon Tropical Tetra

The Green Neon Tetra is very small native fish to South American rivers. It is mostly found in forested areas in sluggish blackwaters off main river channels. The water there is typically stained dark brown with humic acid and other chemicals released by decaying organic matter like leaves, etc. You will want to use Peat granules, blackwater extract or similar for best results. The pH can be as low as 3.0 or 4.0 which is insanely low but of course they will live in much higher waters, such as 7.5 without issue. The dense rain forest canopy above means that often very little light penetrates the water’s surface so keep this in mind when keeping these fish. The Green Neon Tetra is almost identical to the Cardinal Tetra except they are much easier to raise for almost any hobbyist. Because of the region of the world where they are from they will do best in softer water and low light setups. Floating plants like water sprite, wisteria, val grass are ideal and may be used for shelter from bright lights. Feed small fish food formula or freeze dried bloodworms once a week. Do not use live or frozen food as a staple food for Neon Green Tetras. These are Omnivores, so they will take almost any food you offer. This is a very peaceful fish. Like other tetras, the Green Neon Tetra will do best when kept in large numbers.

No less than 3 fish will be sold of this schooling species. Please order accordingly. Thank you