Puffer – Green Spotted “Midori Fugu” Puffer Fish

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Green Spotted Puffer Fish

Midori Fugu, Tetraodon nigroviridis

The Green Spotted Puffer or also known as Midori Fugu will grow up to 6.5 inches that will live in freshwater, but should be transferred to marine saltwater for the best long-term care. This puffer species is peaceful and gentle as a juvenile or when grouped with other puffers.

It is when the puffer matures that it becomes aggressive. Most puffers will not eat flake or pellet food. Rather, this puffer will feed on algae, small invertebrates and plant matter. You can also provide dried bloodworms. This puffer’s teeth will continuously grow and become health problems. For grinding the teeth down, you can put crushed coral sand in the bottom of the tank as well as offering snails and ghost shrimp.

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