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Hedge Cherry Stem 'Red Threads' Bunched Aquatic Plant



Althernanthera ficoidea var. cherry stem is actually a terrarium plant that is commonly used as an aquarium plant. It can only be submerged for several months at a time after which, it must be grown emerged for several months before being submerged again. It is a very hardy plant and can be used in a tank with aggressive fish like cichlids and used as a spawning media or used as a refuge for newly hatched fry.  The Cherry Hedge Stem or Joseph’s Coat Aquatic Plant is ideal for Terrarium habitats, wet locations, ponds, marsh areas. etc. Native to the Americas, the Cherry Hedge offers moderate growth and demands little while perfect for the aquarist that wants to diversify their aquarium experience and move up to the next level. Requirements include a versatile pH level at 6 to 8.0