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‘Tai Guo Hu’, Datnioides microlepis, Fine scale Tiger fish, Gold Tiger Datnoid, Gold TigerFish, Indo Tigerfish, Siamese Tiger Fish, Yellow TigerFish or Black Barred Tiger Fish

  • Temperament: Not aggressive but are carnivores and will eat smaller fish
  • Max Size: up to 18”  This is for our small size which is usually about 1.75″ – 2″
  • Experience Level: Moderate
  • Optimal Aquarium Setup: These will require a large freshwater tank. 60 gallon aquarium or more for youth fish such as these and 100+ gallons for adults. It is recommended that they be provided with places for retreat such as rocks, caves, or driftwood. Incorporate floating plants to help subdue the lighting. Water TEMP: 71-80° F / KH 12-18 / pH 7.0-7.5 This is NOT the species that can be placed in brackish water.
  • Diet: Carnivores / They are a predator and their main diet consists of small fish although they can sometimes be coaxed into eating shrimp, bloodworms or even crickets and the like.
  • Origin, Appearance and additional notations: As rule of thumb, the number of bars on a Gold Datnoid will tell you its roundabout origin. Fish belonging to Southeast Asia usually have 5 full bars and ones from Borneo or Sumatra usually have 6 to 7 full bars. They are typically found on the Southeast mainland of Asia and Western Borneo, inhabiting large bodies of waters such as lakes, reservoirs, and rivers.

This gorgeous and popular fish is a great addition to a big tank that contains relatively non-aggressive, (related to hunting and killing others) fish. Naturally they dwell among underwater trees and roots feeding on crabs, worms, and insect larvae. We are shipping these Datnoids in 1” or less as they are offspring from our own breeding stock at our hatchery.

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