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Jardini Northern Saratoga
Scleropages jardinii

aka: Australian Bonytongue, Bony Tongue, Gulf Barramundi, Gulf Of Carpentaria Burramundi, Gulf Saratoga, Jardini Northern Spotted Barramundi, Saratoga

Size: Up to 40 inches in the wild.(100 cm), usually smaller in the 24 inch range (60cm) in captivity.
PH: 6.5 to 7.5
Hardness: Soft to medium, or dH to 16° .
Temp: 75° to 86° f (24 to 30°C)

The Northern Saratoga, Scleropages jardinii is a large dark brown to greenish fish with a silvery sheen, and a reddish crescent-shaped mark on each scale. Dorsal, anal and caudal fins are dark brown to grey and speckled with small red spots. A single dorsal fin far back on the body and a large mouth and a pair of chin barbels at all sizes.

Jardini are among a group of animals known as band fishes. It is considered a true bony fish, and is not legal to ship to all states. You are responsible to check your local laws before ordering this fish because once you place your order, and we do the work to collect and care for your animals before it ships, and we find out it is not legal to send to you, we will charge you a 50% restock fee and the fish goes back to our farm. We do not and will not bend any legal rules over a fish, not worth it for anyone and there are reasons why the US Fish & Wildlife among other govt entities have these restrictions.

Sizes are approximate always please understand this depends on time of year and age of fish, but everything we do here is done with good intent.

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