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Java Fern Microsorium pteropus



The Java Fern Aquarium Plant adds the classic aquarium effect to any underwater kingdom. Easy to care for, ideally as a mid-ground plant, the Java Fern is native to Indochina and prefers low sunlight. The Java Fern also thrives in high water current situations. It will grow to around 4 inches tall to act as a great shelter source for your fish. It is great for planting in groups or planting on its own to tie in well with the composition of your other aquatic plants.

1 plant will have about 3 to 4 leaves and a root system.

Plant in large clusters to create better refuge & habitat for your fish. They will hide in the java ferns, but they cant hide in 1 or 2 plants, just splurge and plant heavily!  1st pic is about 3 plants in a group, 2nd about 50 plants. You do not plant these in gravel, just nestle them next to large stones or wood and they’ll be happy, maybe even send some roots to attach.

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