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Lobelia Freshwater Cardinal Potted Aquarium Plant



Yes, this is the plant everyone is looking for…Small Form Lobelia for the aquarium, and we have it available.  Attractive ground cover, and hard to find!

Sold as 1 rooted plant in 2” pots

Lobelia Small form (Lobelia cardinalis)

The Cardinal Plant or Lobelia cardinalis has oval-shaped leaves that are green on top and reddish to purple on the undersides.  This plant became most popular in about 2005 when hobbyists discovered that this “Pond Plant” would make an amazing ground cover plant for their aquarium when grown submerged!  It is actually an easy plant to grow, but it will suffer if it does not get enough light.  For best results, offer this plant moderate to high light and it will perform well for you.  If it starts to fizzle out, that is just an indication of too low of light and it will bounce back when offered the correct light.

Lobelia is a very slow growing plant.  Its slow and compact growth makes it an ideal foreground plant for the aquarium.

When grown outdoors, use it as a shoreline plant in your pond.  This plant is often used as a hummingbird and butterfly attractant as it offers bright red blooms on high stakes.