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Lobster- Black Sapphire Freshwater Lobster



Black Sapphire Freshwater Lobster

Size: Up to 6″
pH: 6.5 – 8.5
Temp: 59 – 90F

Arizona Aquatic Gardens offers a variety of unique lobsters including the Pink Coral Freshwater Lobster. Native to New Guinea, this lobster is easy to care for and feed. In fact they scavenge for leftover food and waste, meaning they will clean up unwanted debris in your tank. Keep in mind that you should not overfeed these lobsters because they will shed skin, which could shorten their lifespan. Juveniles can appear more light blue in color and will get the red and brown coloring as they age. Females will carry babies for more than 6 months under her tail.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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